• For all dental emergencies weekdays between the hours of 0830am and 500pm call our surgery on 357 1285. Outside these hours try and contact you own GP, an emergency medical centre, or in extreme cases A&E department at Palmerston North hospital.

    During weekends and public holidays we will provide an emergency number between 0900am and 400pm. If you are experiencing severe toothache, try and contact a dental surgeon as soon as possible.

    If you are experiencing severe swelling contact someone immediately. For dental pain relief use paracetamol based products and/or anti-inflammatories, but make sure you follow directions on the packet. If you have had an accident and your tooth or teeth have been broken or displaced or you have cuts or lacerations, contact someone immediately.

    If you have lost a whole or part of a tooth try to handle it as little as possible, place it in a glass of milk or water, and take it to the dentist or doctor with you. 

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