• Looking after your pearly whites

    Whether it’s a regular check up, cosmetic dentistry, implants, oral surgery or special procedures, we offer you pain-free and informed choices. Our extensive range of services provides your teeth and mouth with the best possible solutions. Get in touch to discuss how we can help restore your smile.

  • ACC

    You can make an ACC claim if you have had an accident that has damaged your teeth and they need repair. There will be part charges applied but we can give you an estimate of costs. General breakages from eating are not considered eligible for ACC funding, under the ACC terms and conditions. Please call us and we will be happy to provide you with more information, and help restore your smile.

  • Bridges

    If you have a missing tooth there are many treatment options available to you, including partial dentures, bridges and implants. A consultation with your dental surgeon will help you determine the treatment option that would be most suitable for your individual needs.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    This is an exciting field of our work, where we can offer a number of solutions to create that winning smile for you. Treatment options include componeers, porcelain veneers, crown and bridge work, whitening and implants. A consultation with your dental surgeon will inform you of all your options and help you design your new smile.

  • Dental Hygiene

    There is nothing more important than your health, and a healthy mouth is a very important part of the equation. A good, regular at home maintenance regime of flossing, rinsing and brushing will take care of everyday oral hygiene, but a regular 6 monthly or 12 monthly dental examination, scale and polish with your dental surgeon is very important to limit build up of the hard bacterial calculus deposits on the teeth. We will also check the health of your whole mouth as well as your teeth, and advise you on the appropriate dental hygiene regime for you.

  • E4D Crowns

    Using the very latest technology, we can rebuild your tooth with a porcelain crown, inlay or onlay in our surgery, within just a few hours. An impression is taken and scanned and sent to a computer, which transfers the information to a milling machine, which mills your crown to exactly the correct shape. It is then individually hand coloured and fired in our kiln, to produce you a beautiful, natural looking tooth.

  • Emergencies

    For all dental emergencies weekdays between the hours of 0830am and 500pm call our surgery on 357 1285. Outside these hours try and contact you own GP, an emergency medical centre, or in extreme cases A&E department at Palmerston North hospital.

    During weekends and public holidays we will provide an emergency number between 0900am and 400pm. If you are experiencing severe toothache, try and contact a dental surgeon as soon as possible.

    If you are experiencing severe swelling contact someone immediately. For dental pain relief use paracetamol based products and/or anti-inflammatories, but make sure you follow directions on the packet. If you have had an accident and your tooth or teeth have been broken or displaced or you have cuts or lacerations, contact someone immediately.

    If you have lost a whole or part of a tooth try to handle it as little as possible, place it in a glass of milk or water, and take it to the dentist or doctor with you. 

  • Extractions

    All of our dental surgeons are very experienced in all aspects of tooth extraction including wisdom teeth. We use local anaesthetic or sedation is available.

  • Implants

    If you have lost one or more teeth, or have been struggling with a partial denture or full dentures, implants may be an option for you. Implants can be surgically placed in your jaw, and individual crowns, bridges or removable dentures can be fitted to restore your teeth.

    This is as close as we can get to restoring your original function, ability to bite and chew. We can also often improve the look and feel of your teeth, renewing your self-esteem with a radiating smile.

    Visit here for more information.

  • Laser

    Our soft tissue laser may be used to treat a number of periodontal conditions, it is also an excellent tool to use during other restorative procedures.

  • Partial dentures

    Our dental surgeons are able to offer you a wide range of options for partial dentures. During your dental examination they will discuss with you the most suitable solution for you to close those gaps created by missing teeth.

  • Restorations

    Teeth require restoration for many reasons; wear and tear, accidents, and even lack of hygiene regime. We put them under enormous stress during their daily use. We eat nuts, open bottles, chew lollies! When they need repair we have many and varied options available to us and will do whatever we can to get you fully functioning and smiling again.

  • Root Canal Treatment

    This is an advanced treatment required when the nerves within the root of the tooth have become infected and need to be removed and replaced with a filling. Our dental surgeons may offer you root canal treatment or, in complicated cases, they may refer you to a specialist.

  • Tooth Whitening

    Who doesn’t want a dazzling smile? We offer Pola day or night take home tray treatments. These come in various strengths to suit your lifestyle. Call and talk to us about the results we can achieve.

  • Under 18’s

    The regional dental health offers a very good service through the mobile dental units. This service is well run and treatment is carried out by dental therapists trained in the oral health care of under 18 years olds. To register your teenager with this service please call 06 355 1849

    We are happy to privatly see any patients who would like to continue seeing us for the regular treatment. We will also continue to complete any ACC treatment that your child may require (part charges may apply).

  • Veneers

    Please see cosmetic dentistry.

  • WINZ quotes

    If you are on a Work and Income benefit or a student benefit, you may be entitled to some financial assistance for urgent dental treatment. We are happy to assist you by giving you an estimate of costs to take to WINZ for approval.